"Dear God, I'm Sad"

Episode 12: "Dear God, Meet me on the Psych Ward" with Rev. David Finnegan-Hosey

December 26, 2022 Gabby Wilkinson Season 1 Episode 12
"Dear God, I'm Sad"
Episode 12: "Dear God, Meet me on the Psych Ward" with Rev. David Finnegan-Hosey
Show Notes

Gabby hangs out with author and minister Rev. David Finnegan-Hosey to talk about his book, Christ on the Psych Ward. Christ on the Psych Ward walks its readers through David's multiple hospitalizations, journey with Bipolar Disorder, and discovery of Christ and the Vulnerable God on the psych ward with him. In this conversation, Gabby and David discuss David's story, his theology around Divine presence (and felt absence) in unlikely places, and his moving forward living with both the devastating realities of mental illness and the loving truth of God. Thought-provoking, compelling, and heart-breaking, David's story is the story of a man who finds and holds onto God in the midst of tragedy and devastation and who finds hope, truth, and victory through it all. 

Content Warning/Trigger Warning:  Bipolar Disorder, suicide, self-harm, addiction 

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