"Dear God, I'm Sad"

Episode 11: "Dear God, I'm Depressed" Pt. 2 with Dr. Jessica Coblentz

December 05, 2022 Gabby Wilkinson Season 1 Episode 11
"Dear God, I'm Sad"
Episode 11: "Dear God, I'm Depressed" Pt. 2 with Dr. Jessica Coblentz
Show Notes

In the 2nd part of my and Dr. Jessica Coblentz's conversation on Depression, we dive into the parallels between the experience of Depression and the experience of the Hagaric wilderness, the significance of meaning-making and the lack thereof, and moving through life as a Christian depression sufferer. After the conversation, I kick off a new segment where she will be answering submitted questions and reacting to submitted stories from the "Dear God, I'm Sad" community! Today's question is "What is God in a world where [God] created me to self-harm, want death, fear my own mind because of chemicals?" Be sure to submit your questions or stories at gabriellemwilkinson.com to hear your submission in future episodes!

TW/CW: Depression, Sexual Trauma, Suicide, Self-Harm

Dr. Coblentz’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jcoblentz/

Dr. Coblentz’s book: https://litpress.org/Products/8502/Dust-in-the-Blood 

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