"Dear God, I'm Sad"

Episode 9: "Dear God, I Wrote a Poem" (The realities of living with a mental illness) mini episode

November 07, 2022 Gabby Wilkinson
"Dear God, I'm Sad"
Episode 9: "Dear God, I Wrote a Poem" (The realities of living with a mental illness) mini episode
Show Notes

In this mini, solo episode, Gabby reads a poem she wrote while in college that ended up winning an award called "Your Apologetic Wife" (Linked here). From this poem, she enters into a theological discussion regarding the realities of those who suffer from mental illness or mental health challenges and offers a trinitarian response to these realities. Listen to understand feeling like a burden and having an uncomfortable existence, the significance of believing in God the Creator, Jesus the Friend, and Holy Spirit the Home, and the meaning of the Algorithm of Love.

Content Warning/Trigger Warning: Self-Harm, Eating Disorder, OCD, Intrusive thoughts 

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