"Dear God, I'm Sad"

Episode 4: "Dear God, I need Hope" with Will Hutcherson

September 19, 2022 Gabby Wilkinson Season 1 Episode 4
"Dear God, I'm Sad"
Episode 4: "Dear God, I need Hope" with Will Hutcherson
Show Notes

This week, Gabby sits down with national speaker, founder of Curate Hope, Next Gen/youth pastor of 15 years, and co-author of Seen, Will Hutcherson. Over the past several years he has become increasingly passionate about finding practical ways to bring hope to kids and teens who are facing increasing amounts of anxiety, depression, and despair. This led to him starting Curate Hope, a non-profit that focuses on suicide prevention, mental health awareness, and partnering with educators and parents to help heal despair in teens. He is an Orange speaker and writer and has spoken at events like Orange Conference, Orange Tour, and Florida Business Professionals of America Student Leadership Conference. He’s also been featured on numerous podcasts, including Life Church Parents and National Community Church. Will seeks to build a bridge between the local church and the schools and families that are navigating this mental health crisis. In this conversation, Gabby and Will talk about things that are applicable to people of all ages and of all communities in understanding hope, despair, and how to promote the former and lessen the latter in one another. 

Content Warning/Trigger Warning: anxiety, depression, suicide. 

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